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Mega Man X (SNES) - 0:37:25 - Mike Uyama

Published 2004

Single-segment low% speed run of Mega Man X done on September 26 2004. No items are collected beyond the required dash boots and X-buster upgrade. Available in 3 versions: low quality, normal quality, and 60fps high quality.

Author's comments:
First off I know you can't use dash boots to have a true minimalist run, but the run would be so slow it isn't even worth it, so dash boots are in.

A few notes before I go into some of the stages. I took a lot stuff from wodball's time attack, so I have to give thanks to him for having a good model to run off of. I know this run isn't the greatest, and I'll probably try to improve it sometime.

Intro stage:
Getting hit a lot in the beginning is not a mistake, because it makes the fight with vile a lot faster -- if you have 1-3 life units when fighting vile he just stuns you right away.

8 boss stages:
I coast along and don't take much damage in most of the boss stages, except for Launch Octopus's stage, where I not only take lots of damage but I also make a stupid weapon switching error in the beginning.

8 Bosses:
I run through most of them easily enough, except I almost die on Launch Octopus (though I do kill him fast).

First Sigma stage:
I do really well here, except I fail to perform the Vile Zero dialog bug which can save from 5-15 seconds (depending on how fast you perform).
Vile: Owned, btw if you want to hit him off the screen like that just make sure you don't get stunned by Vile on the very left of the stage.
Boomer Kuwanger: I mess up here I get hit, requiring me to collect some health for...
...Bospider: I REALLY HATE this boss (he is worse than Sigma IMO). If I screw up and his body hits me twice, I die. I actually do pretty well until the end, when I stand there like an idiot waiting to get hit and failing on a charged up shotgun ice.

Second Sigma stage:
Other than a screwed up weapon switch in the beginning I breeze through the stage, and yes I know taking the robot is not the absolute fastest way you can go, but it is the safest.
Chill Penguin: Not much to note here other than he decides to slide a ton of times, slowing me down considerably.
Storm Eagle: Destroyed, period.
Rangda Bangda: This boss isn't too hard, just really annoying. I do pretty well overall, except I have some really bad accuracy in the end.

Third Sigma stage:
This stage usually gives me a few problems but I end up having no problems this run.
Armored Armadillo to Spark Mandrill: Zero problems here.
Launch Octopus: I take a hit (yes only one) and he decides to use his energy drain attack a lot, but no problems
Flame Mammoth: Easy boss, dies in about 15 seconds.
D-Rex: I do kind of poorly here since I try to use the walls when D-rex crashes into them, getting hit causes me to play more cautiously -- the energy shot probably would have killed me with the amount of life I had.

Final Stage:
NO DAMAGE! That's right I don't take a single hit here.
Velguader: He chases me around a bit, but I put him in his place.
Human Sigma: I catch him in an AI loop that causes him to bounce off the walls in that exact pattern over and over again.
Final Sigma: This can be done faster, but when you die in two hits from ANY attack Sigma uses you tend to play just a bit more carefully.

Hope you enjoy this run!

Run time 0:44:01
Producer Mike Uyama
Audio/Visual sound, color


Captured by Nate.


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